Before you go to Muay Thai class

September 27, 2022

Before you go to Muay Thai Class

Before you go to Muay Thai class, we recommend you drink a glass of water at least 15 minutes before to make sure you are hydrated. Try to eat a meal or a small snack 30-60 minutes before class. Prepare a reusable water bottle, spare clothes, personal toiletries for showering and changing.


Typical Muay Thai class starts with:

Warm-up Before starting any type of workout, you will be instructed to do some warm up 15-30 minutes. From dynamic stretching to jumping rope these exercises help warm up your muscles. Practicing Muay Thai can be very tiring so keep it light during the warm up. Learn Basic Muay Thai Techniques


Main course

  • A typical class will start with the stance, footwork, jabs, punches, kicks and teeps. After you have drilled over the Muay Thai basics, you will put on your hand wraps and gloves. Wrapping your hand is an important skill and you have to do it by yourself over and over again so pay attention to the instructions on how to wrap your hands properly. For the beginners, your instructor or experienced classmates will help you wrap your hands.

  • Next, you’ll move to bag work. Your instructor will guide you through jabs, punches combinations and other core moves like kicks and teeps on the bag. You might partner up with a classmate or trainer to practice pad work to get your form correct.
    Train with caution to ensure you and your partner do not accidentally injure one another. Practice slowly, focus on accuracy and form before increasing speed and power.


Core and stretching After finishing your Muay Thai techniques, the trainer will instruct you to do some muscle conditioning and strengthening exercises. These exercises will help you improve strength and power for training. Core workouts are one of the most popular options given that the abdominal muscles play a major role in Muay Thai training. The class session will end with a cool down. Stretching and cooldowns reduces your risk of injury so make sure you don’t skip it.


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