Fitness Training 1 Week For Levels For All Levels

Tiger Muay ThaiAll, Group Class Period


Gain 1-week access to classes such as Cross Training, Ambush, Buddha Run/Outdoor, Combat, Wildcard, All Strength, Hardcore & Grind, Glutes Training, and YOGA. This package includes access to all our fitness classes, off-site boot-camp training sessions, yoga classes, and use of the weight room.

Class description

Our BodyFit fitness training class is aimed at keeping your heart rate to the fat burning zone through a mixture of body-weight exercises and exercise techniques using various equipment. High Intensity in nature, the pace of this class is constant to enhance your Cardiovascular Fitness as well as burning many Calories. Beginners are encouraged to start with this class. However, even the fittest individual will find its workload demanding.

Classes are the perfect addition to any Martial Art you want to learn here at TMT. A whole hour of workout with your own body-weight and techniques using various equipment every morning and afternoon, a class that pushes training results to the maximum. BodyFit is a Bootcamp style fitness workout for all levels, absolute beginner to advanced athlete.

Training program

Monday 07:30-08:30 & 12:30-13:30 – Kettlebell Lower Body Here we focus on strengthening our legs and core, improving overall stability and function, increasing our body awareness, and gaining muscle in our lower body using a series of dynamic and isolated exercises with the kettlebell.

Tuesday 07:30-08:30 & 12:30-13:30 – TABATA TABATA Tuesday is a big hit in Tiger! 20 ON – 10 OFF is the timing used in this conditioning class. Our focus here is to burn fat, and improve muscle stamina, endurance and function.

Wednesday 07:30-08:30 & 12:30-13:30 – Kettlebell Upper Body We focus on strengthening our upper body, improving stability and function, and increasing our upper body awareness and imbalances. Also gain muscle in our chest, back, shoulders, and arms using a series of dynamic and isolated exercises with the kettlebell.

Thursday 07:30-08:30 & 12:30-13:30 – Partner Circuit We put together a series of exercises with a variety of different types of equipment/accessories in a circuit-style fashion. Our focus is to burn fat, improve day-to-day function, increase our conditioning, and better our muscle stamina and endurance.

Friday 07:30-08:30 & 12:30-13:30 – Kettlebell Complex Our complex class is a “lower impact” when compared to Monday and Wednesday. Using a series of kettlebell complexes our focus is on strengthening our entire body, improving stability and function, increasing overall body awareness, and evening out imbalances. As a result, our upper body, core, and legs are all worked.


Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Location :
Located in the Chalong area, Phuket, Thailand
Phuket Downtown (8 km from camp)
Rawai Beach (11 km from camp)
Kata Beach (10 km from camp)
Karon Beach (12 km from camp)
Patong Beach (15 km from camp)
Phuket International Airport (37 km from camp)

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Cancellation Policy
  1. Full Refund : Requests for a full refund are accepted if made within 24 hours of purchase.
  2. 10% Cancellation Fee : A 10% fee is applied to refund requests made after 24 hours of purchase.
  3. No Refund for Late Cancellations:
    • Private Classes : No refunds will be provided if the cancellation request is made less than 24 hours before the scheduled time.
    • Group Classes : No refunds will be provided if the cancellation request is made less than 48 hours before the scheduled time.
We believe exercise for all ages is very important and that’s why we inspire for younger guests! We also believe that the exercise they do needs to be safe, therefor our minimum age for guests is 16 years of age. For guests younger than that to access the facilities and/or participate in group classes (martial arts classes only) parents or a legal guardian’s direct supervision is mandatory at all times. Alternatively, we highly recommend to enroll for private sessions for under 16 years of age. Please note that this exemption does not apply to fitness classes or the weight room which strictly no guests under the age of 16 is allowed.