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Trainer: Kru Tor
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Teaching experience for 5 years Bachelor in sport science
Teaching experience for 5 years Bachelor in sport science
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16-05-2024 16:11
Personal Training with Kru Tor
Kru Tor is exceptional! I almost did 40 sessions with him and see myself improving sessions after sessions. His drills and techniques are spot-on, and his pad work is skillful and very effective. Plus, he's super friendly, communicative and dedicated to his craft. Highly recommend!
04-05-2024 18:05
Amazing Trainer
Came to Khunsuek for a month and after trying out different teaching styles with other trainers found that I fit well into Tor’s training. Amazing trainer and highly recommend to everyone. I have trained in the UK and Thailand and he is one of the best trainers I’ve come across.
23-04-2024 17:27
The best trainer I ever had!
I had a week of personal training with Tor, it was amazing! Tor really focussed on my technique and the things I had to improve on. He gave me a lot of tips and tricks I could use in a fight. Very nice guy with good humor. Very good english. He has a lot of knowledge about muay thai and fighting.
16-03-2024 13:42
best trainer for technic
11-03-2024 14:50
Tor is the best
Tor is truly one of the best trainers I have ever had. He is professional and his knowledge is very deep. He can explain the consequences, everything makes sense. He has very positive attitude, always smiles, is friendly. He was always perfectly prepared, continued to walk us the Muay Thai journey.