1 Session - 2 On 1 Muay Thai Training

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Private Session
Hand Wrap
Personal Locker
Personal Trainer


1 Session of 2-on-1 private training session (60 minutes), Our private training classes are designed to accommodate 2 students with 1 dedicated trainer.

Training Program

Warm up


Pad Work

Bag Work

Cool down

Class description

Enhance your Muay Thai abilities through our specialized 2-on-1 training session. Designed to accommodate pairs of all skill levels, this unique training experience offers individualized coaching, customized feedback, and accelerated progress, allowing both participants to grow and develop their skills together under the expert guidance of our dedicated instructors.

Expiring in 24 hours

Elevate your Muay Thai journey together with our 2-on-1 Training Sessions! Train side by side with your partner, whether it's your better half, a friend, or a family member. This shared experience offers a range of advantages:

1. Bonding: Strengthen your relationship as you both learn and grow together.
2. Motivation: Training with a partner provides the extra push to stay committed and achieve your fitness and Muay Thai goals.
3. Personalized Guidance: Enjoy the benefits of private training with the added fun of sharing the experience.
4. Custom Workouts: Your trainer will adapt sessions to accommodate both of your skill levels and preferences.
5. Support: Celebrate each other's progress and encourage one another along the way.
Take your Muay Thai journey to the next level with shared training that fosters camaraderie, motivation, and growth. Whether you're a couple, friends, or family, our 2-on-1 Training is an excellent choice for achieving your fitness and martial arts aspirations, together.

Gym Open hour: Monday - Saturday
60 minute per session"

  • Khun Suek Muay Thai is conveniently situated just 700 meters away from both Ao nang and Nopparattara beach.
  • 200 meters away from a convenient store. (7-Eleven)
  • 200 meters away from Tourist police station.
  • 1 km. away from night market and the bustling walking street.
  • You'll discover over 100 hotels within a 2-kilometer radius.
  • There are over 100 restaurants in the surrounding area.
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Service Policy
Khunsuek Muay Thai Gym is a perfect place to start one’s journey into Muay Thai as Muay Thai is one of the best parts of the experience of visiting Thailand. Khunsuek welcomes everyone who wants to learn the art of Muay Thai. Our classes are provided for all levels from beginner to intermediate until professional fighter. Every level is separate, and our training style is unique from the start to the end. We are making sure that you will never get bored at Khunsuek. Also, we have our professional and qualified trainers focused on the traditional style of Muay Thai, putting an emphasis on refining the individual’s techniques and developing their skills.
Cancellation Policy
All purchases are treated as final. If you decide to cancel your order, please do so within 24 hours of making the purchase. After this period, a 100% cancellation fee will apply.
At Khunsuek Muay Thai we are committed to upholding the fundamental and traditional standards of instruction to offer our students a truly authentic Muay Thai training experience. Whether you are an amateur or pro fighter, fitness fanatic or trying to lose weight, Muay Thai is the perfect combat sport to help you achieve your goals.
- Gym Open hour : Monday - Saturday
Before Muay Thai Class
- Stay Hydrated: Drink water throughout the day.
- Dress Comfortably: Wear suitable workout
- Bring Gear: If you have them, bring hand wraps, Muay Thai gloves, and a mouthguard
- Arrive Early: Be at the gym a bit ahead of time for preparation.
- Eat Light: Have a small meal or snack a few hours before class.
- Stay Positive: Approach the class with an open and positive mindset.
- Stay Focused: Pay attention to your instructor and be in the moment.
- Show Respect: Respect your instructor, fellow students, and gym rules.